Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Keep a healthy working environment and breath in fresh clean air within your premises from a factory to a small office.

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors – whether we are working, learning, shopping, relaxing or enjoying quality time with loved ones. Ensuring the supply and circulation of fresh, clean air, has never been more important for indoor environment quality. Ensuring our indoor spaces are safe, healthy and invigorating means improved wellbeing for everyone.

It is important to keep the air new and fresh within the working environment, therefore, if it is distributing between different areas and rooms, it is important to switch off the recirculation and keep using the fresh air supply.

We offer the following to the Commercial world:

  • Air conditioning
  • Commercial boilers & heating solutions
  • Ventilation
  • Heat pumps
  • Maintenance

React Facilities Management supply and install Air Conditioning systems throughout the Northwest of England and neighbouring areas, to suit small to large business premises.

What We Offer

React Facilities Management offer Heating Solutions, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Ventilation services in Runcorn and throughout the Northwest of England.

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